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Our Air System Audits & Consulting Group is lead by Jeff Yarnall, a licensed Mechanical Engineer, with over 30 years experience with compressed air systems, including system design, applications, installation, troubleshooting, maintenance, controls and energy audits. He also holds a BS in Resource Systems Engineering from Humboldt State University and was selected by the US Department of Energy to become a National Level 1 and 2 instructor for the "Compressed Air Challenge," a national educational effort to improve air system efficiency throughout the United States.

Our team of professionals available include two (2) Registered Professional Engineers, four (4) Senior Auditors and and three (3) Field Engineers.

In addition to our traditional business of supplying compressed air equipment, we work as consultants to design engineers on specialized projects worldwide. Our energy auditing group now provides the same level of expertise and service to individual companies who desire the most cost effective system to produce and utilize compressed air.

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