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About the CAC

The Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) is a national effort by the Department of Energy, and others, to train and and educate users of compressed air about potential energy savings in their compressed air systems. The Compressed Air Challenge is a collaboration of industrial users; manufacturers, distributors; facility operating personnel; consultants; state research and development agencies; energy efficiency organizations; and utilities; This group covers a broad spectrum of people who use, service, sell or evaluate compressed air services and products. Needless to say, one class cannot meet every person's needs.

Rogers Machinery has been an active participant and promoter of the CAC training program for users.

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems Training

Each Fundamentals Training session is taught by two instructors who have been screened and qualified by the CAC.

During the one-day course, you will learn how to calculate the costs of compressed air in your facility; how to cut those costs; and how to gain better control of compressed air for optimum reliability and productivity. You will use data from your facility; complete hands-on exercises focused on bottom-line results; and learn from highly qualified national compressed air experts who will focus the training on getting you results when you get back to your plant.

The Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems is an outstanding course and provides a solid foundation for evaluating your compressed air system.

Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems Training

For those with an advanced understanding of compressors and their systems the CAC has created a two day course, Advanced Management of Compressed Air Systems.

This training is designed to provide facility engineers, maintenance supervisors, equipment distributors, and other key personnel with the most up-to-date, in-depth technical information on how to troubleshoot and implement improvements to industrial compressed air systems. This intensive, two-day training builds on the system-based approach to compressed air management introduced in the CAC's Fundamentals of Compressed Air Systems training. You are encouraged to take the Fundamentals class before registering for the Advanced class.

Participants in the advanced training will learn how to: collect and use the data tools necessary to assess the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a compressed air system, develop and use a system profile, address point of use issues, including air quality, highest point-of-use pressure requirements, and high volume intermittent applications, understand complex control system strategies, align the supply side to demand side operation, implement a system maintenance program successfully and sell compressed air improvement projects to management.

For more information and Calendar of Training dates, please contact the the following sites:

Compressed Air Challenge®
Northwest Energy Education Institute
Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

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